Well, I didn't bring home the coveted Panda Award, but I was deeply honored to be at the 2016 Green Oscars. THE MEMORY OF FISH was nominated for the Best Script Award by the Wildscreen Panda Awards, the highest accolade in the wildlife film and TV industry. The awards ceremony took place on October 13th at Bristol's Colston Hall before a sold out, rocking crowd. THE MEMORY OF FISH was 1 of over 900 entries and then ultimately 1 of 3 films that was nominated as the best script of a wildlife documentary from the past two years. (Yeah, whoa!!) Surrounded by some of the world's finest storytellers, including Sir David Attenborough, this achievement was unforgettable. Not to mention, I got to share the evening with my mom and that's a prize in itself. Congratulations, again and always, to my phenomenal writing and editing partners, Erin Barnett and Fernanda Rossi. Brava, ladies!