We wanted to do something special for the hometown crowd of Port Angeles coming to our Magic of Cinema screening at Peninsula College (see previous blog post). We brainstormed all sorts of ideas that might help ensure that the legacy of Dick Goin live on in our audience. Giving out suspenders like the ones Dick wore daily didn't seem quite right, but they were on the list too. Dick always told us that there were two keys to his life-long work: observation and persistence. And so, in the spirit of Dick Goin, we made these notebooks and gave them out to everyone at our April 7th screening. During the Little Theater Q+A that evening, one audience member passionately described the fight to get the Elwha dams down as an all-out civil war that ripped the community apart. He felt that Dick's notebooks were golden, simple things filled with wisdom that brought all sorts of people together around the dam problem. We hope that THE MEMORY OF FISH notebooks inspire future citizen scientists with a deep love for where they live.