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40 eagles and a mouth

Screening for the hometown crowd of Port Angeles was truly incredible, but it's nothing compared to listening to the Elwha running free and seeing at least 40 bald eagles at the Elwha's mouth. As Dick would say, the river should be noisy a madhouse.

Concrete Love

Russ Ricketts is an incredible underwater photographer/videographer living in Leavenworth, WA. He runs River Snorkeling as well as Colchuck Media with his wife, outdoor adventure and lifestyle photographer Leah Hemberry Ricketts. There's nobody better to snorkel a river with than Russ. I know this because he took a leap of faith to meet me after the last chunks of the Elwha's dams were removed. I wanted to get in the freshly free-flowing river to shoot, but the conditions told me that I shouldn't do it alone. All sorts of debris from the dam removal was moving downstream and the water was murky. Russ was on board to jump in with me and he'll be a friend for life because of it. It was easy for us to find chunks of concrete from the dam. I cheered every time I saw one. Inspired by Mikal Jakubal, the activist who painted the crack and "Elwha be free" on the Elwha Dam in 1987, Russ painted one of the pieces he found. I never thought I'd have so much love for a piece of concrete. Thank you, Russ!
Photo (left): Russ Ricketts. Photo (right): Mikal Jakubal.

Big things can happen

Dick always said that there were two keys to getting anything done: observation and persistence.
“Big things can happen if people persevere… Back in 1990, you ask somebody in Anywhere, USA, about dam removal, they would have told you that you were nuts,” said Mike McHenry, biologist with the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe. (Reported by Lynda Mapes for The Seattle Times)

Odd feather

Dick's office was a magical place, a small space that felt like a top secret room at the Smithsonian. This chest held his supplies to make fishing flies -- feathers, fur, hooks, linen and silk line, you name it. Most everything he created from scratch or sourced himself, oftentimes with the gun he made and the bullets he hand poured. The Odd Feather drawer was a production favorite.

A river Yoda

This 1994 newspaper clipping has been a North Star for The Memory of Fish. And it's true. Dick Goin knows the when-where-why-how of rivers and fish.

Peninsula Daily News , February 10, 1994 .

Peninsula Daily News , February 10, 1994.

Suspenders, always

Dick Goin was rarely seen without suspenders. Filming with him made scene continuity easy.

Photo: Marie Goin

Photo: Marie Goin

Snowball fight

While Dick Goin's passion was fish, he had a wicked sense of humor and made having fun a priority. Co-producer Emma Jones spent countless hours scanning thousands of Goin family photos, many of which were taken by the love of Dick's life, his wife Marie. This photo's always been a production favorite.

Photo: Marie Goin

Photo: Marie Goin