Show The Memory of Fish as a springboard for discussion, inspiration and action.

- Show the film on your campus or in your classroom. 
- Team up with a local organization for a special event.
- Encourage your library or research institution to purchase a copy for their collection. 

You may charge admission and/or use the screening as a fundraiser for your cause of choice. You don’t need a grand theater. Project THE MEMORY OF FISH outdoors on a sheet, on an old sail, or on a building's wall in your community (heck, maybe even on a dam). Let us know your ideas – big or small.

Regardless of the size of your screening audience, if you are showing THE MEMORY OF FISH anywhere other than in a home setting, it is considered a public screening and you must purchase the proper screening rights to avoid copyright infringement.

Complete the screening application here.

Resources for discussion and action

American Rivers
Encyclopedia of Life
Nature Bridge
Center for Environmental Literacy
Global Oneness Project
International Rivers

event support materials

Press Kit

If you have any questions about screening THE MEMORY OF FISH, please contact Jennifer Galvin at